Teeny Weenies Sign

The Rooms & Garden

Teeny Weenies - Under 2s

Our under-2s enjoy the Teeny Weenies room, a smaller area that has no more than 6 children staying. This provides a secure and comforting space for younger children to start their nursery journey.

Activities include lots of sensory experiences with water and natural resources like plants and fruit. We also make art projects to take home, and go on trips to the beach and the park.

Pee Wees - 2-Year-Olds

You’ll find our 2-year-olds upstairs in the Pee Wees room. With no more than 10 children there, our staff can devote attention to the little ones as they progress hugely in that one year.

The activities in Pee Wees are more often themed, around topics or story books that we read together. They’ll also be doing more complex creative and sensory activities, and learning things like numbers and colours while their language ability also progresses.

Pre-School - Age 3+

Our 3 and 4 year olds are in the Pre-School area, which is spread across 4 different connected rooms. Using the multiple rooms allows us to come together as a group, provide more different spaces for free-play and also have smaller group or individual activities.

The larger conservatory is where we start and finish the day, with morning register, and Show & Tell where children learn to speak in front of the whole group. One of the rooms is devoted to role play with a child-sized kitchen and table area, as well as lots of dress-up costumes. We also have a changing real-world themed area, where we create things like a shopfront or a post-office.

The Garden

Our large and well-equipped garden is used by all the children at Little Holland Nursery. We have a large sand pit, a climbing frame, balance beams, a construction area, a mud kitchen and more. Children have a mixture of free-play and adult-led activities in the garden. Our youngest babies can also use the low-fenced baby garden to safely spend time outside if older children are running around.

All ages do a lot of sensory, water, digging and construction activities outside. We spend a lot of time outside in the summer, with the help of our gazebos for shade in the hottest months.

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