/  Breakfast, After-School & Holiday Clubs

Breakfast & After-School Clubs

During term-time, our breakfast club starts at 8am (by request from 7:30am) with staff dropping children off at Holland Haven Primary School just a few minutes walk away.

We collect children from Holland Haven at the end of the school day for our after-school club back at the nursery, which continues until 6pm. A light tea is served after 4pm and a variety of activities are run by staff.

Our breakfast and after-school clubs are a great benefit where one sibling is attending Little Holland Nursery and another attends Holland Haven Primary School. Many children leaving nursery to start primary school also find it reassuring to start and finish their day in a familiar place.

Holiday Club

During school holidays, school-age children are welcome to attend the holiday club at Little Holland Nursery. The costs are reduced compared to those for nursery-age children. Staff provide a mixture of activities, either with older Pre-Schoolers or solely for holiday club children.