Food & Menu

Healthy Food
Healthy Food

With a mixture of fruit and vegetables at meal and snacktime, including some hidden vegetables in main meals.

Home Cooked
Home Cooked

Meals are prepared and cooked in our own kitchen at the nursery, by our lovely Nursery Cook.

Variety of Food

We have a nutritious and child-friendly menu, including a variety of meat and fish, different fruit & vegetables and carbohydrates across every 2 weeks.

Teeny Weenies Lunch Time

Sample Menus

Breakfast: Cereal

Morning Snack: Breadsticks & Cucumber

Lunch: White Fish in White Sauce, New Potatoes, Peas & Broccoli. Cake

Afternoon Snack: Banana

Tea: Cous Cous with Chick Peas, Peppers & Sweetcorn.

Breakfast: Cereal

Morning Snack: Fromage Frais

Lunch: Tuna Tomato Pasta, with Sweetcorn and Grated Cheese. Jelly & Banana.

Afternoon Snack: Easy Peelers

Tea: Crackers with Cheese, Apple & Raisins

Breakfast: Cereal

Morning Snack: Pitta Bread & Cheese

Lunch: Chicken Casserole with Mixed Vegetables and Boiled Potatoes. Choc Ices.

Afternoon Snack: Melon

Tea: Ham & Cheese Wrap with Tomatoes & Peppers.

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